Fules and her puppies

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Fules and her puppies Fules and her puppies
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At that time several dogs were thrown out of cars near our village and Fules was one of them too. She was love at first sight.


There was a child living nearby who also wanted to take her home, but when her father wanted to chase her away with a shovel, her fate was sealed and she became my dog.


She was the perfect dog, my shadow, who followed me everywhere, loved my children, other people and animals, and she was obedient too. As I had already learnt from my mistakes about training my first dog, Cukri, I was stricter and taught her consistently. Every spring we bought some ducklings, just to let them fly away after raising them up. While Fules was peacefully sleeping in the garden, they were walking on her back regularly, and she didn`t even budge. She was warm-hearted, had a good relationship with Cukri as well, and she loved chasing voles along with our lovely English neighbours` cats on the field. When we were not at home, she always went over to visit them. That was her second home, she even had her own bowl there.


We loved her very much, she was a family member, got all the vaccinations, and slept in the house of course, which unfortunately is still not a common thing in Hungary even today.


But, one day Fules started to walk down the hill at the side of the road with her four puppies when we were not at home. When they were a few hundred meter far away from the house, an animal lover woman picked them up and took them to the nearest dog shelter by car, as she thought they were thrown out stray doggies. She did the right thing, I would have done the same, as in almost all cases only homeless dogs are wandering at places like this with puppies. Of course it turned out that day that the situation was different this time, as when I sarted to look for them I called the dog shelter, and by the evening they were already at home. At the shelter they were put into a large cage with bars, because there weren`t any other free places, and needless to say that Fules was euphoric when she saw me and couldn`t wait to be let out. She didn`t even dare to pee in there.


The `funny thing` is that it was the leader of the dog shelter who collected them, and she was driving that way only because she had visited us earlier to ask me to take over the leadership of the shelter from her. She got tired of the hard work and she thought I would have been the most suitable person for this position because of my previous work as a volunteer. My children were small and I could not accept the offer, but in hindsight, I was not the right person for this job at all. I had to learn a lot, basic things as well, for example that I shouldn`t leave my dog in the garden if the fence is not reliable.


A week later I advertised the puppies in the local newspaper, I found homes for them, like I did with the first ones, and I thought that was the right thing to do. I was guided by good intention, I just simply thought it would be better to let her have babies once. I was wrong. After the second litter and a little friendly advice luckily I decided to arrange for her sterilization. A comment about the weight loss after lactation helped to make the right decision.


She had a much easier life after the operation. She didn`t have to escape from the 3 months old puppies, who were sagging on her all the time, and there weren`t any problems with the male dogs running in front of our house on the street either. We didn`t have to find owners for more puppies, worry about their future and about them ending up ultimately on the street, since there are already lots of stray dogs out there. In addition, as allegedly dogs often take over the illness of their owners, there are more and more womb and ovary problems, which sterilization can be a solution for. It is also an answer to the prostate disorders appearing in male dogs, and apart from these things they won`t wander after female dogs and their aggressive behaviour will decrease as well.


At that time I really had to develop a lot in how to deal with dogs, but over the years there were significant improvements, I re-valuated the samples I had brought from my childhood. Positive examples and some friendly advice helped, and I learned many things from my own mistakes as well.


Now I think all people`s habits about how they handle their pets mainly connect to the culture of their surroundings and the culture of their countries. As soon as one person develops, it will affect the others too. I am sure that if more and more people improve, their surroundings will be getting better and better, then so will the entire country. And maybe later the whole world too...


What do you think, what do you need to change in your life?



(The Hungarian translation is available on www.onbizalomfejlesztes.hu .)

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