The story of Happy and Foxy

09 August 2020 by
Dogs and cats being friends Dogs and cats being friends
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During the adoption one of the most important aspects of choosing our new doggy was his ability to get along well with cats.


As we knew that Foxy was fond of all creatures, he was ideal from this point of view too and we didn't have to fear for our kitties.


After a few weeks, by which time we had already gained some self-confidence, we were walking in our small village, when suddenly a multicoloured cat joined us. She went to my dog directly and they were greeting each other with touching their noses, like they had been old friends who hadn’t met for a long time. It was impossible of course, as Foxy was originally found 120 kilometers away on a street, so they must have seen each other for the first time.


By then I watched the behaviour of animals differently, and I also knew they communicated without words. Of course I had already heard about dogs and cats being friends, Fules also had a good relationship with our cats, but this was different now, as if it was the meeting of two souls knowing each other.


But what happened next was even more weird. From that moment every day when I took Foxy for a walk in that direction, she was waiting for us in front of the same house and they were saying hello to each other happily. She always accompanied us for a while, walking beside my dog, and then she went back to her usual place, which was about few hundred meters far from our home. It is a silent little street in a safe area with no cars, so I didn’t fear for her that much, but I tried to find out whether or not she had an owner. It turned out that she indeed belonged to nobody, a nice lady living there domesticated her, but she said she just visited them for food and they couldn’t even catch her kittens she had had months before.


Good, I thought to myself, after all she was not really a homeless cat, she had somewhere to live and something to eat, but she should have more, for example an owner, who would look after her. In addition, it was not really safe on the street, she could have been hit by a car, and kittens can’t be born just into nowhere either, because as a result there would be more and more stray cats.


Therefore, at first I named her Happy. During each walk she came with us a bit further, after a while to even our home, where she always had dinner from that time. The snow and rain couldn’t stop her either, so in those cases I was holding her in my arms. I knew she would have come with us anyway, and this way at least she didn’t become wet. She had a stronger bond with me too, she often snuggled into my arms, and was lying on her back in front of me, which is obviously the sign of trust.


And after one or two months, exactly at Christmas, she moved to our home forever, and she didn’t want to go anywhere from here anymore. Was it because of the sweet smell or the atmosphere?  Or it could have been simply because of us. People say that cats choose their owners. Or in this case did she choose her own dog? 


It doesn’t matter. The point is that she feels safe when being close to Foxy, she got all the necessary vaccination and her sterilization was done without any problems too. She has been living with us since then, and she is truly happy.


 Happy at home

Happy at home

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