Turning dreams into reality

25 September 2022

If you are confident and committed to the new task, success will come soon.


Why is it good to keep cats inside?

06 February 2022

Keeping cats inside or outside is the source of a neverending debate in the animal groups on social network sites. Arguments of both parties are understandable, however, in most cases


Winter thoughts about having pets

14 February 2021

When freezing cold arrives in winter, we even go the nearest bus stop shivering and feeling being frozen immediately. I wonder how our pets feel about it.


The case of a red-backed shrike

11 October 2020

The car going in front of me hit him. I saw it when he was getting into a spin on its windscreen, falling on the pavement in the next lane, then writhing there for some time.


What would you do if you won the lottery?

23 August 2020

Earlier, especially after the English private lessons in the late afternoons, my students regularly asked me whether I had free time at all.


Cats or birds?

14 June 2020

What should we do if we love cats but also worry about the blackbirds and sparrows living in our garden?


A Prayer To Go To Paradise With The Donkeys

17 May 2020

This lovely poem, in which a French poet born in the 19th century wrote about the love he felt toward the donkeys, has just been suggested to me. 


Why Should We Help Others?

01 December 2019

One of the best methods to improve our self-esteem and self-confidence is helping others, and it has more reasons.


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