Why Should We Help Others?

01 December 2019 by
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One of the best methods to improve our self-esteem and self-confidence is helping others, and it has more reasons.


  • `We only get if we give, and we get what we give.`
  • If we do voluntary work, or we just lend a hand to others in need, our increasing self-esteem will make us more confident and successful in different areas of life.
  • We will see and feel that we are valuable and good people.
  • We will be proud of ourselves and other people will look up to us too, as we are good example for them.
  • If we do something good to somebody, a certain area of our brain will be activated, and happiness hormones will be produced.


But how to help?


The easiest thing for example is that if we see our family members, friends or colleagues in a bad mood, cheer them up. Let’s make a small gesture, for example smile at them or simply just ask whether we can help in something. We can even do it every day, it will not cost any money or will not take any time.

It will make their day more beautiful and it will make us feel happier as well. In addition, that person might give our kindness back in some nice words.


But if we want to work on ourselves more seriously, we should help some, who are really in trouble.


And who should we support?


The list is endless, there are plenty to choose from.


  • For example my grandfather feeds some adopted cats in his vineyard, where he grows some fruit for the family.
  • Perhaps we can send some food to poor people living in our town or village.
  • We can support ill people.
  • We can adopt a dog or a cat.
  • Or an animal shelter nearby can be a perfect choice too, where we can send some money or food as a donation, which they can use for feeding homeless dogs and cats. If we cannot support them financially, they are happy to get some old blankets too or appreciate if we take some of the dogs for a walk.


We can often find these kinds of requests on social network sites, but because of the attached sad pictures, a lot of people refuse to have a look.


But this is a real problem, so let`s write down the account number or the address, and from that point it is only a small step to take action.


A small selfless action is worth for us to do , as on the whole, those people are happier who help humans and animals in need.



(The Hungarian translation is available on www.onbizalomfejlesztes.hu .)


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