Why Is Self-Confidence Needed For Happiness?

27 August 2019 by
Happiness and self-confidence Happiness and self-confidence
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Happiness is something which you can find in yourself, you should not expect it from something or somebody else.

 There are some valleys in your life sometimes, but when you are happy, you are well-balanced and feel comfortable in your own skin.


You can find happiness and maintain it if you like who you are, and also do things for yourself.


Some of its methods are taking care of yourself, building self-esteem and self-confidence to achieve more success in spite of your fears.


People with high self-esteem:


  • respect and love themselves, therefore they are more confident in different areas in life,
  • can be themselves,
  • can cope with others` disagreements,
  • do not want to be perfect.


Confident people:


  • behave calmly, because they know themselves and believe in their own abilities and strengths,
  • have optimistic attitude in life,
  • have powerful body language
  • take care of their appearance but do not criticize anybody,
  • develop their skills,
  • follow their dreams,
  • face difficulties bravely.



Build your self-confidence


Would you like to possess overflowing self-confidence? Check the four cornerstones of it. Success means reaching your goal. If you boost your self-confidence, you will be able to do more things which you thought were impossible before. But it cannot be done immediately, you have to work for it and take small steps every day.



Let`s look at an example of language learning.


Speaking in a foreign language has caused a problem for almost everybody, but confident students have the courage to stand in front of the examiners speaking loudly, and they have the ability to present their knowledge bravely.

While students of low self-esteem have to get rid of their thoughts like ` I cannot make it` , or `I don`t dare to talk as I am afraid of saying something wrong` and they have to overcome their fears with hard work and practice first to have bigger chance to pass the exam. Whose task is easier?


The situation is the same in all areas of life.


You need to learn how to represent your interest at work and in your everyday life. If you have the courage to walk to your boss and ask for pay rise, there is a bigger chance to get it than straining yourself silently.

How can you expect others to respect you, if you do not respect yourself?

Be brave to be yourself, love yourself, and your life will be well-balanced and happier as your self-esteem and self-confidence improves.


 (The Hungarian translation is available on www.onbizalomfejlesztes.hu .)


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