Will we become happier if we have a dog?

22 December 2019 by
happiness with a dog happiness with a dog
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Happiness means different things for all of us. It can be the family, the money, or helping somebody in need.


For others happiness is caused by self-realization, development, calm relaxation, reading, or sport activities. On the whole it consists of a lot of factors. But if we ask the dog owners, most of them will say they wouldn`t be able to live without their dogs.


The unconditional love received from them is totally different than the one from humans, and it cannot be compared with anything else. Their mere presence soothes us, and they help us to get through the difficulties of life. They greet us with happiness when we arrive home, and show their gratitude with loving kisses for every minute spent together. They make us smile and cheer us up on our melancholic days as well, so happiness hormones are released in our body. Thus, due to the quality time spent with them, our everyday life undoubtedly becomes more beautiful.


However, we are responsible for them too, as their existence depends on us. Having a dog is similar to having children. We must ensure they receive appropriate nutrition, give them a comfortable and safe place, deal with them, play with them, provide them with the right vaccination and a microchip, arrange their sterilization and their medical treatment, do regular exercises with them, and last but not least, we must love them. If we create harmony in their life, they will return the favour, and will harmonize our life too.


But we need to think it over carefully whether we can take this responsibility, and whether we have the right circumstances for it. According to the animal protection laws, those, who fail to meet the requirements of responsible animal ownership will face strict consequences, and in addition, they may even cause deep wounds with their careless behaviour.


If we decide to take dogs home and look after them with love, it is worth choosing adoption, because dog shelters are full of pets waiting for owners. In this way we also do a bit of good, and our chosen dogs will be our committed, most loyal true friends during their life, and thereby they will make us happier too.



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