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26 January 2020 by
Looking for happiness Looking for happiness
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I always felt the need to move somewhere in the past. I was not sure we lived in the best place, as many friends of mine moved abroad at that time in the hope of a better living.


Although I didn`t have such a problem, traveling and visiting other landscapes has always attracted me. In addition, the daily running in the treadwheel made me forget what calmness felt like. When I got home, I was faced with duties one after another, and in my free minutes I just wanted harmony, something I felt when I had been with my kids and the house was full of animals. It was a long time ago, and now I only have one dog and three cats, whom I can care for with enough attention and responsibility besides my teenager kids and my work.


In spite of a balanced relationship, children and animals, I was still looking for something constantly, which could make life more complete and happier. So sometimes I just looked at the ads of the properties for sale in the area, because I thought I might have had a problem with the new house or the village. Both were ideal in many aspects, but not that real wild place which I sometimes longed for.


One day, as we had to buy a window for the shed, me and my spouse set off to have a look at the products of a merchant a few villages away. I had found him in a newspaper ad, he offered imported second hand doors and windows for sale. I was not really in the mood to go, but I felt that this meeting must have had a reason. On the way there I was gazing at the landscape. I liked thinking about how great it could be for people to live there, I imagined how we would have felt if we had been in their shoes while I was looking for the feeling of relief that our current habitation is the one.


It was a nice area where we were driving and I didn`t really understand how it was possible that I had never been there before. The road went through a forest, in the village there were old houses lined up next to one another with `For sale` signs hanging on some of them. We turned into a rolling, winding side street, and finally arrived at a tiny lovely cottage. It was obvious that a family with small children owned it, as there was a playground in the garden with some toys scattered around in it.


We rang the doorbell. The owner was a silent 40 year-old man, who looked a bit tired and as soon as he shook hands with us, he led us in immediately. We chose the right window in the professionally equipped outhouse, and since he behaved so naturally, on the way out I asked: “What is this village like? Do you like living here?” He looked at me, and like we would have known each other for thousands of years he replied with great earnestness:


“Look. I have been to many places in the world. I have met a lot of people in huge houses and in small ones, in cities and in farms, and I experienced that everybody is fighting with the same problems. If you are fine on the inside, it doesn`t matter where you live.


I was standing in front of him, shocked, after his wisdom standing in contrast to his apparent simplicity scalded me. We packed up the car, said goodbye to him and on the way home I was thinking about this last sentence and about how true it was. In most cases we look for happiness in external things, although the solution is in front of our eyes, inside us.



(The Hungarian translation is available on www.onbizalomfejlesztes.hu.)


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