Do what you were born for

01 June 2020 by
Meet your own requirements Meet your own requirements
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Sometimes you have to make a choice in your life about what to do for a living.


If one day consisted of more than 24 hours, I would do several jobs at the same time.


  • I’d find a vacancy in nature conservation, since this is why I had became an agricultural engineer specialised in environmental and nature protection.
  • I’d work at an animal shelter in a full-time job and I’d take care of the dogs and cats in need. I’d be the leader there, as I could have been in the past, if I hadn’t become a logistics buyer to earn money to support my family.
  • I’d go back to the multinational company (well, not really but it’s nice to think about those times), which I left after 11 years, leaving my well-paid job and my cool and intelligent colleagues behind just to be a primary school teacher at a small village.

  • I’d teach English in that small village again, which was a real challenge, but it was literally heartbreaking leaving those children behind.

  • I’d change my part-time job into a full-time job at my current school and I’d help them learn the other subjects in the afternoon too.

  • Trying another teaching job at another small primary school would also be an option.

  • I’d work at a secondary school, as there is a permanent English teacher shortage, and I know how good it would be for the students there.

  • Accepting the offers at the language schools to hold courses and company trainings, which I had to stop doing due to lack of time, sounds good as well.

  • I’d be an examiner on language exams, because I have already finished the course and I have been prepairing students for them for many years anyway.

  • I would take on more translations.

  • Teaching twice more private lessons can also be possible.

  • An online marketing job would be nice as well, so I could use it later for my own business.

  • If I had more time, I’d be a housewife and I’d cook and bake twice a day for my teenager kids, I’d only focus on them.

  • I’d write all the books that I have been planning for a long time, in order of importance.

  • I’d be a therapist, and I’d help people solve their emotional problems.

  • I’d only live for the animal protection and I’d be a vegan activist.


But it is impossible to do all, I have to choose, and the one that I want. The most common thing people regret on their deathbed, is that they always want to meet the requirements of others, instead of satisfying their own needs.


And there have been only one sentence in my mind, bugging me for weeks: “Do what you were born for.”



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