What does happiness mean for you?

12 July 2020 by
How can we be happy? How can we be happy?
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I really think happiness can be learnt. We have all met people, who were always satisfied and had a basic inner calmness in them.


They are not the lucky ones who could avoid all the sad and traumatic events in their lives, in most cases the exact opposite happened. They experienced the worst they possibly could, but they became stronger and learned to appreciate the small gifts of life. Do they never hit a hard bottom anymore? Of course they do. They also feel anxiety and they are also afraid of things sometimes, but they can handle these feelings, as they have learnt that there are ups and downs. But when they are down, they still live in the present, because they have already reprogrammed their mind and their attitude has also changed over the months or years.


But how did they do it? And how can we be happy?


There must be many ways, as all people are different. Researchers have been investigating it for thousands of years whether there is a common recipe for it or whether there are methods, through which we could be able to feel the lasting happiness in our life.


While I was also looking for the answers, I decided to create my own simple questionnaire, collect 1000 answers and have a look at whether the results fit what me and people around me experienced in our lives. Perhaps it is easier to understand  from the examples of others, and in addition, if we look at it as a learning process, we just need to try these answers one by one, make them a habit, which means we build them into our daily life persistently, and see which ones work for us.



“Don’t long for big pleasures, because you won’t notice the real joys of life. Don’t long for big things, settle for small ones, but do it with love. People who can please others, please themselves the most.” Tatius



(The Hungarian translation is available on www.onbizalomfejlesztes.hu.)


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