Does money make people happy?

19 July 2020 by
Is money really important? Is money really important?
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Some people stick to the idea that money doesn’t make them happy and the point is the inner peace, nothing else is needed.


But those who have already experienced what poverty is know that financial problems are severe frustrating factors, and they put a stop to calmness too. But is it really the way it has to be?


Eckhart Tolle suffered from a serious depression when he was in his twenties, then as he said, he attained a spiritual awakening, gave up his studies at the university, and spent most of his time sitting in a park in London. He lived like this for a few years, and meanwhile he was able to concentrate on the beauties of life, he lived for the moment, and he could reach the long-lasting state of happiness. Then he moved to Canada, published his first book titled ‘The power of now’, which has been on the list of best-selling books since then and it helps millions of people to become well-balanced in spite of the difficulties and to get rid of the worries about the past and the future. Of course Tolle became a millionaire after that, which might have removed further weights off his shoulders.


But this raises new interesting issues too. Did he become happier afterwards? Or the burden of responsibility was also getting heavier as soon as he started to earn more and more? According to the scientific studies, those who make more money than the minimum wage are happier than the ones having little income, but the level of happiness is not increasing when somebody earns more than the average salary.


I can see the same around me, wealthier people also have to cope with money worries, as wealth goes hand in hand with higher demands. In addition, certain things like love cannot be bought for money and it also matters what kind of job we have, because we earn a lot with it in vain, if we hate it and would like to do something else instead. In most cases we just want to meet external expectations when putting ourselves into the shade, and in the end we are unable to get out of the treadwheel of the consumer society.


So, on the one hand, creating a certain extent of financial security is needed, especially when we are responsible for others too, which helps us get rid of a huge anxiety and the fear of the uncertain future, considering that not everybody can recover from a similar situation such as Tolle’s.


But on the other hand, if we really want to be happy, instead of stockpiling material goods it is worth concentrating on other factors, like family, friends, or our inner peace.



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