10 things that make you happy at home

28 March 2021 by
Happiness in spite of coronavirus Happiness in spite of coronavirus
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Life sometimes deals us cards that will unfortunately limit our freedom for a while and we can do nothing about it at that moment. But we still have an opportunity to do something.


 We can improve our mood in a lot of ways, otherwise the bad mood and gloominess can dominate in us, which can lead to illnesses.


I managed to collect the opinion of 1000 people in my Happiness questionnaire about what makes them happy. The writing of the bilingual e-book on this topic will have a little delay, because now I have more important tasks to do, but I’ve already finished processing the answers. Of course there are many forms of happiness, which is well shown by the fact that this many people could list more than 600 different things in total about what it means for them. I checked the 30 most common answers, looking for the ones that we can concentrate on at home during the current restrictions, and then surprisingly I found that it is possible on all of them. Afterwards I was wondering what I could do and what I actually do to feel good.


I’ll randomly write down 10 of them for you, so you can have some ideas about how you can stay more well-balanced consciously.


  • Life:  Every moment of life has a miracle, we just need to realize it. Now for example the sun is shining wonderfully, it can even be seen from here, next to the computer, how it slowly warms up the soil. I like change, as it isn’t our enemy, it’s life itself. The darkness and the light too. Everything changes, and it always brings good things as well, and surprises.


  • Small things: for example my coffee that I am drinking now is one of the highlights of my day. Or my morning pancake, or the sunshine, which comes into the room. My favourite music, which I can listen to in the meantime. Unfortunately I can’t go dancing, but in my mind and in my room I can.


  • Gratitude: I’m grateful for my family, my home, for being able to do a job I like, for having self-time even if it is very short at the moment. I’m grateful to be able to write an article today at last, with which I can even help others, and I’m grateful for you reading it.


  • Friends: Personally at the age of 42, besides my family and work, friends are put into the shade a little bit, but as they’re in the same shoes, we forgive each other. But we stay connected via phone, messages, and despite the fact that unfortunately the usual meetings can’t be organised in the cafes, we sort it out and schedule who we visit at home and when to have a chat while drinking a good Americano.


  • Family: It’s a great opportunity to concentrate on our loved ones. We can spend valuable time together now, and being stuck together can even be a gift this way. And if it’s hard sometimes, we should look at it as a challenge and opportunity for learning and development. I say this to my teenager kids too. :) I also consider dogs and cats as family members. They give loads of love, even their presence makes us more balanced. In our family they are Happy, Socks, Silky and Foxy. But pets are part of the first 30 on the list according to others as well.


  • Helping others: It makes you happy, if you do something good. A lot of people got into a difficult situation now, so let’s help them. I tend to concentrate on stray cats, but of course I’m spending time on humans too. :) I’m writing this article for their sake, and in the afternoon I’m going to the local farmers’ market to help them by buying their food.


  • Health: Let’s avoid illnesses. Take a lot of vitamin C, I do the same. Let’s go to the fresh air, deal with our mental health, as it affects the physical one. Ensure our peace of mind, for example let’s meditate and do something regularly that we love. Let’s start doing a sport activity, for example running.


  • Acceptance: What I cannot change, I have to accept, if I want to be happy. It is what it is for the moment, but it will be better later. Life is full with ups and downs and we have to experience the pain too. However, it doesn’t apply to those things, which are bad and we can change. For example if somebody loses her job, she has to stand up for herself or unfortunately she has to look for a temporary job instead. What people mean by acceptance is to appreciate what you have and accept yourself the way you are. For example I accept the rules about masks, I accept that a lot of people are afraid, I accept that the house renovation project has a delay because of money issues, and I accept that I'm frustrated sometimes, my hair is getting grey and I am going to die at some point in the future for sure. But souls live forever. :)


  • Nature: Birds are getting ready to build nests, and even though it’s chilly outside, we can smell spring in the air. Even if we’re in the flat, we can open the window, and we can let it in. It isn’t forbidden to go for a walk and for a trip either. Nature fills you up with energy and makes you calmer, you can get rid of your problems, it has similar effect as meditation. 


  • Freedom: Yes, our freedom is definitely limited, for example we have to get home by 8 pm and we have to wear a mask outside. It can really be frustrating, but we don’t have to wear it when we’re in our garden or on the balcony, or when we just simply sit at the window. Moreover, if we go for a trip to nature and nobody is there, it isn’t even compulsory. Let’s find what else we can make a decision on, we’ll definitely find something. For instance I can decide what I do on Sunday, my whole day is free. I’m dealing with this blog now, then I’ll take Foxy out for a walk, I’ll work in the garden and after that I’ll cook something. 


The above points were written by ordinary people like you or me, who live in the same world,  I just added some thoughts in a hope that it will make you more cheerful, and make your life at home a little bit happier.


After all, trying to be optimistic in every situation of life and doing something to be happy are all up to us.



(The Hungarian translation is available on www.onbizalomfejlesztes.hu.)


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