Problems or challenges?

20 June 2021 by
The matter of perspective The matter of perspective
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A few weeks ago on one of my private lessons I helped to prepare my student for an English job interview,

because he was really thinking about leaving his current company after 20 years to enter new waters and try his wings.


He was worrying about the future a little bit though, he wasn’t used to the changes, and I was trying to inspire him.


”Imagine how good it will be, you can learn new things, you can face a lot of challenges.”

”I don’t like the word challenge,”he said. ”Challenges equal problems.”

”It’s just a matter of perspective.”

”Well, perhaps you’re right,” he answered, and the conversation continued in a bit lighter mood.


Life is interesting, sometimes thing don’t just happen to us by mistake, I mean, presumably everything is happening for a reason, namely we either create the incidences ourselves or they come to us as signs. I’m trying to pay attention to these consciously while teaching, as students are often the best teachers, regardless of their language knowledge and their life situation.


One day later I was thinking about this, from which the sudden ringing of the doorbell woke me up. A new student of mine arrived.


”And what do you do exactly?” I asked him at the beginning of the lesson, after his short introduction.

”I can’t really define it.”

”Then let’s say that you’re a businessman.”

”Ok, but I’m not, I just would like to be one, even though I have a business.

”Alright, then let’s say that you’re an artist of life.”

”I’m loving that. That’s who I am. I solve problems every day,” he replied firmly.

”And do you like doing it?”

”Of course. I make decisions based on my intuition and I always start something in which I can see good possibilities and that I fancy doing. And in reality problems are only challenges,” he explained it enthusiastically, while I was just listening to him, smiling.



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