Should the heart or the brain choose the job?

20 August 2022 by
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When we think about a new job or are about to choose a career, we ask ourselves whether we should choose a job with our heart or with our head.


It's hard to give a clear answer, because we are all different, with different emotions and financial backgrounds. Not to mention that in the current economic climate, it makes sense to value our salary, wherever it comes from, or to take a good opportunity precisely because of the circumstances. However, one thing is certain: Everyone wants a happy life.


But what makes us happy?


In my questionnaire, in which I asked 1,000 people about their reasons for happiness, I got a wide variety of answers.


Money and careers were not mentioned at all, financial freedom was rarely brought up, but the word love was often among the replies. We will be happier if we have someone to love and someone who loves us, be it our partner, family, friends or pets. Several people specifically wrote self-love, which includes doing work that you enjoy, that your heart is drawn to. That's where we can really grow, develop, flourish, and create.


Before making a decision, we need to have enough self-awareness to know what we like to do. If we have no idea what we want, let's try some new hobbies, enrol in courses. There are also lots of free learning materials available online on all kinds of subjects, such as online marketing, programming, language learning, copywriting, cooking, gardening, childcare, photography, etc. Find out what you like to do and start looking for a job in a related field.


If we already have a job but we don't feel comfortable in it and our body and soul are giving us clear signals that we need to change, then we need to act in our own best interests. Even if we are afraid of the new job, we cannot sweep our feelings under the carpet, as they will sooner or later come back in the form of illness. We must have the courage to change! Our fears are often based on unrealistic foundations that our minds exaggerate, and one of the most effective ways to overcome them is to act in spite of these fears.


If our current circumstances do not allow us to change, or if we cannot afford a new job for financial reasons, by using our common sense we should try to do something as a part time job that we could also do for free. That way, after a while we can safely move from one to the other. I left my logistics career for teaching English in a similar way.


If you want to be happier, it is worth following this path even if your income is slightly lower at the beginning. After all, if we seek financial security in a career that we choose with our hearts, we can live a happier and more balanced life.



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