Is clothes shopping good for you?

18 January 2020 by
Clothes make you happier Clothes make you happier
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Looking good is important for our self-confidence wherever we are, for example at an exam, at work, or at home.


Businessmen and businesswomen know that it is necessary for making business and they will be more successful in the long term if they care about their appearance. As Brian Tracy said: „Dress for success.” But does success mean happiness as well? Not necessarily, but self-realization, namely reaching our goals makes us happier, and clothes are useful tools for this. In addition, it helps with self-expression if we create our own style and self-confidence built with its help will have a positive affect on our life.


What about those who go out shopping consciously to buy some „good stuffs” to cheer themselves up? We should be more careful with this, since being shopacholic is a real addiction. I was at the other extreme for a long time due to three reasons.


  • Firstly, having two teenager kids I tried to save money like many other mums do. But this is not the best way, because as a nurse in the hospital used to say: “If the mum is happy, the baby is happy.”
  • Secondly, I thought I shouldn`t waste materials because of environmental reasons, so sometimes I didn`t even buy a top for myself for months. But we won`t become collectors just because we spend money on ourselves occasionally, and we can also sell or donate what we don`t need anymore.
  • Finally, in the previous year, apart from my children I mainly concentrated on reducing the fear of my adopted dog, but then I realised that he feels if something is not ok with his owner and it also helps him if I boost my own self-confidence. So on the whole it`s good for him as well.


So last time, when I tried to select the right pullover in the shop and the feeling of happiness was growing on me while I was relaxing in the sea of clothes, ignoring the people around me, I decided to make a habit of it.


Therefore, for those trying not to spend money on themselves, I can highly recommend to do it sometimes. And their family members and friends should also know that on the whole it is useful for them too if they let each other evolve in this area, because if one of them is in a good mood, it will affect everybody else around that person in a positive way.



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