Do sports build self-confidence?

02 August 2020 by
Do looks matter? Do looks matter?
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Is it enough to concentrate on our inner development to boost self-confidence, or is our appearance also important to feel good?


Some people say physical appearance doesn’t matter at all, but according to others we should put a large emphasis on it. As for me, I can answer the question only from my side.


After trying many types of activities, like zumba, spinning, running, aerobic, Crossfit, I can say it safely that I definitely feel more confident when I do sports and I don’t even have to get into a perfect shape for that. All women know the feeling, when after a strength training or as a result of running for 20 minutes we consider ourselves to be beautiful and our positive self-image is restored temporarily.


Moreover, regular physical activities help to increase the serotonin level in the body, which is thought to regulate happiness, anxiety and mood, and also helps to release endorphin responsible for emotional well-being and balance. When the body is getting tired, the mind switches off and the daily stress is also reduced. In addition, it has many other physiological effects too, we will have a good aura, and finally it will also have a positive impact on our social relationships.


Of course we can’t neglect the internal changes either in order to become permanently confident, namely we have to work on accepting and loving our inner self too.


Achieving our goals and accomplishing our dreams are also important to build self-assurance, especially when we get used to acting despite our fear, and working persistently on fulfilling our goals. This determination can be learnt while doing sports regularly, because our working ability will increase and we will be able to get through physical and emotional difficulties easily.


Naturally it cannot be done in a moment; just like building our body, the development of our abilities and ourselves also takes time. But if we create a new system of habits in our life, which contains taking loving care of our inner and outer selves, as a result we will finally realise that we can live our daily life with our head held high, more confidently, being satisfied with ourselves.



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