How can our dream come true?

08 November 2020 by
Dreams and goals Dreams and goals
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All of us have dreams, and some come true, some don’t. Why does it happen like this?


Maybe because not everybody is equally as lucky. Or karma is stronger than the law of attraction. Or maybe because a worse fate was given to some of us.


Anyway, one thing is certain, namely that we are responsible for making our dreams come true, as it isn’t enough just thinking about them, we also have to make them happen. In this way we form them into goals, which we will have a better chance to reach in the end, and meanwhile our self-confidence will increase too.


First of all it is important to define what we want exactly, by when, and what it is going to take. And after this we have nothing else to do, but to divide the path leading there into small steps in advance, and to follow them during the daily planning.


But what does it look like in practice?


  • For example if we want to take a language exam, first we have to figure out what date we want to schedule it for.


  • Of course we also have to be able to estimate the level of our language knowledge, for which it is suggested to ask for the help of a professional, i.e. a language school or a private teacher.


  • But we can test ourselves as well, because after solving some relevant exercises we can see which areas need to be developed the most.


  • Afterwards, we need to make a daily list about what to do in order to follow how quickly we have to progress, and in addition it is much easier to concentrate on one thing at a time. Of course a great level of persistence is needed for this, which is only difficult at the beginning.


  • As soon as we turned learning into a habit, it will go smoothly, and ultimately we will definitely pass the exam.


It is also important to stay realistic, and not to shoulder too much. If we miss doing one of the tasks because of the mood we’re in or due to some unanticipated events, plan it for the following day. So on the whole, besides the hard work, we will have opportunities for other things as well, like for instance relaxing and living for the moment.


Since solely achieving our goals will not necessarily make us happy and confident, we shouldn’t sacrifice everything for it, including ourselves. We should choose a golden middle way, through which we make our own dreams come true by solving daily tasks, and meanwhile we spend time on our regular relaxation too.



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