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How can tidying make us more confident?

20 February 2022 by
Cleaning Cleaning
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According to scientific studies clutter causes stress and when our living spaces are in order, we will become well-balanced.

Therefore it is extremely important to keep our home clean and tidy and to avoid a disorganised environment around us, which will boost our confidence level and in the end we might even experience the sense of controlling our life too.


I realised its importance when I felt unable to continue my work properly because of the mess on my desk. Papers and coffee mugs were everywhere, and honestly I couldn’t even find my notes, and in addition to that, it was hard to concentrate on what I was doing. That’s when I decided to do something about it.


What were the ways for me to become organised?


  • For me, the first step to build my self-confidence by tidying was planning. I made some notes in my diary about when to start and what to do exactly, then the only thing left was to fulfil the tasks.

  • I went to the shop to buy the necessary cleaning tools.
  • I started with one room at a time and cleaned it properly. Then I continued with the others one by one.
  • I used storage containers. We have plenty of cardboard boxes which can be perfectly used for this purpose.
  • I disposed of my waste selectively so as not to pollute the environment, but the best would be to have a zero waste lifestyle of course. 

  • I donated clothes which wasn’t needed because helping others can also boost your self-confidence.


Apart from the increased confidence level, I experienced several other positive results as well while I was cleaning:


  • It helped me to stay focused. It is easier to concentrate on a task if there’s no clutter around us.

  • My work became more effective.
  • Cleaning is a great exercise, if you make a new habit of it, it will keep you fit. I definitely felt better in my skin, and it usually gave me a muscle ache too.

  • I feel happier and it is a better feeling to stay at home and relax.

  • It helped me achieve my goals quicker.

  • It also has a positive effect on my family.


As a result of regular cleaning and tidying, our everyday life will become more organised, it will increase our self-confidence and energy level, and last but not least we will be happier.


If you haven’t cleaned your home or study recently, start it today and you will also feel its positive results soon.



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