5 things to do if you are afraid of something

23 October 2022 by
Act despite your fears Act despite your fears
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Everyone is scared of something, like a language test, acting in front of the public, or a job interview.

 It's not a sign of weakness, in most cases it's just a natural reaction, a kind of self-defence mechanism. We need this feeling to keep us out of trouble. It is only a problem when it becomes excessive and in the form of unrealistic images discourages us from achieving our plans.


Can we do something about our fears?


Of course we can. Let's take a look at exactly how.


  • Prepare by learning. Knowledge leads to competence, or in other words ability. If you have in-depth knowledge about something, it will create confidence. The more confident you are, the more your fears are alleviated.


  • Let's practice. It will neutralize the fear. Through learning and repetition, you can deepen and extend your limits.


  • Let's keep to a gradual approach. No one starts a marathon without first running shorter, and then longer distances, faster and faster. Gradually push your limits!


  • Overdo your training towards the end. Let's shoot above the level rather than just aiming for it. For example it is worth taking a language test when you achieve at least 80% in your sample tests. If you aim for the 60% threshold, it is much easier to fail.


  • Finally, make the decision and act despite your fears. The feeling of knowing everything is unlikely to come. You will never feel fully prepared.


If we follow all of this and choose to act, our fears will no longer hold us back, but will drive us forward to achieve success.



(The Hungarian translation is available on www.onbizalomfejlesztes.hu.)


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