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12 January 2020 by
Taking dogs for a walk Taking dogs for a walk
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Few days ago while Foxy and I were walking in the neighbourhood and arrived next to the schoolyard,

suddenly a little girl at about the age of 8 exclaimed the words ‘poor dog’ so disapprovingly and loudly to make sure I heard it through the fence as well.


I was shocked and I started to wonder at the same time. Why did she feel sorry for him? Did this child for some reason know about my dog`s past that he was saved from the streets? Could she look into his mind, into his soul? Or did she see that he wanted to run, make some dog friends, and the leash put a stopper on him? We did take a shorter one with us, because we have no longer used the automatic version since one day it fell off my hand accidentally when I saw a spider, and my dog, being frightened of the clattering object behind him, wanted to run out of the world. Luckily the string got entangled on a railing one hundred meter far from the house, and I could set him free immediately. Besides, I cannot just let him loose next to the road even if the traffic is low, as it is dangerous if he runs in front of a car, and in addition it is forbidden by the regulations as well.


On the whole, I still didn`t understand why the safe walking of my happily leaping dog was commented on so reproachfully.


I continued thinking about it for two reasons. On one hand, I`d like to develop more as I want the best for Foxy, and we know that we can learn a lot from children. On the other hand, I knew our whole country needed some development in the context of animal keeping. Our village is not that big and half of it looks like an American suburb, where mostly people who moved out from the town centre live, but in spite of this, taking dogs for a walk is still a rare habit here. We only meet a small Yorkshire terrier regularly, whose owner is keen on taking her out.


Unfortunately the dogs are still only kept outside at most homes, sometimes on a chain, and many people think they would suffer in a flat. While in certain countries it is against the law if doggies are not taken for a walk every day, in Hungary most families believe that the garden is enough for their pets, and it’s also not a problem if they sneak out on their own. ‘Let them go wherever they want’ – Some think, wrongly.


Of course there are worse nations out there, but we have to look forward. So let`s take our dog for a walk on a leash several times a day, and we will see how many mutual experiences we can have, which can make our days better.



(The Hungarian translation is available on www.onbizalomfejlesztes.hu.)


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