Self-time doesn’t mean selfishness

27 September 2020 by
Self-time and self-confidence Self-time and self-confidence
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Spending time with ourselves doesn’t mean that we are selfish, it’s essential for our health and self-confidence.


It’s needed like the air we breathe. If we just strain ourselves and work hard continuously, trying to meet the requirements, we become exhausted and sensitive to illnesses. Besides, we get annoyed and anxious, which harm others around us too.


Let’s make a habit of spending quality time on ourselves and on our relaxation. It is the best if even on the busiest days we write those one or two hours into our calendar next to the other activities, which we will spend on ourselves in one way or another. Here are some tips below:


  • Let’s meet our friends regularly, the ones who have important roles in our lives. We can initiate and call them first, as drinking coffee and having a chat about positive topics, even if it’s only for an hour, can improve our mood.


  • We should deal with the things that make us happier on a daily basis, whatever they are. For example if we like cooking, it’s worth devoting more time to it. There are some meals that can be made within half an hour, so we’ll have the opportunity to do it on a busier day as well. But if we don’t like working in the kitchen, we can still eat delicious food, for instance we can ask our family members, or if we can afford to do it, we can order some for takeaway, and we can concentrate on other activities.


  • Meditation is also important. Thereby, we’ll be filled up with energy, and we’ll be able to handle difficulties easier. We can meditate in a silent and calm place, we can sit in the garden doing nothing, or we can listen to music while locking the problems of life out of our head and concentrating only on the moment.


  • Let’s go for a trip in the nature. Bad weather cannot be a difficulty either, even one hour carefree walk can help to blow off the steam. We can go alone, with our dog or with one of our family members, and the nature will definitely fill us up with energy.


  • We should spend more time with our beloved pets. They have a comforting effect on us, reduce the daily stress, so the more time we spend with them, the healthier we’ll be.


  • Let’s do sports. Sport is important both for our mental and physical health. We’ll feel much better after doing regular exercises, in addition it’s also essential from the aspect of our long term health.


  • We should separate self-time regularly. It’s not just about improving our mood, but it’s a pastime, during which we do something solely for ourselves. For example self-improvement, anything that motivates, which fills us up with energy, helps to make us happier and serves our personal development.


And if sometimes we feel that we don’t have time for these activities, then we should try to say no to something else to create enough time for ourselves. This way our self-confidence will increase, and we and our loved ones will become happier and more balanced too.



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